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Temporary Instruction Permit (TIP)

You can NOT get a TIP from any of the Express locations. You can ONLY get a TIP from the OMV.

What To Bring To The OMV For A TIP

Make An Appointment At The OMV For A TIP

It's The Law

Effective 09/04/2018, the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles implemented the Temporary Instructional Permit (TIP). All students enrolled in driver's ed on or after 09/04/2018 must present a TIP to HHDA.


You only have to be 14 to get a TIP. The TIP is only valid while taking driver's ed with a driver's ed instructor. It is not a learner's permit and is not valid to drive with parents and friends.


What The TIP Is Used For

Students must have their TIP before they can take the Knowledge Test (teens take the Knowledge Test on day 4 and adults take it during the final hour of driver's ed).

In addition, the student must have the TIP in their possession when:

  • operating the HHDA's driver's ed car during the behind-the-wheel portion of instruction with a HHDA driving instructor or

  • during the administration of a road skills test.

 TIP To A Permit/License

Upon completion of driver's education, the TIP will be surrendered to OMV along with proof of completion of the driver’s education course and any other necessary documents.


There is no additional cost to convert from the TIP to a learner’s permit/license. 

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