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International Students


HHDA loves working with internationals who have chosen to make America their new home. Completing the classroom and behind-the-wheel driving at Highway Hero Driving Academy ensures that you have the tips that you need to be a responsible driver's license holder.

Previous International Classes


Saudi Arabian student Muhammed (pictured on the left) and his Arabic-to-English translating grandson (Muaz) during the classroom portion of driver's ed.


Vietnamese students Thuy and Kim (pictured on the left) and their niece/cousin Vietnamese-to-English translator Donna during the classroom portion of driver's ed.

Arabic to English Driver's Ed #1
Arabic to English Driver's Ed #2
Vietnamese to English Driver's Ed

Let's Eliminate the Language Barrier

We want our international students to succeed. If a student is not fluent in English, he or she may bring a friend, family member, spouse, or professional translator to serve as an interpreter/translator.

Your class will be private. You will not take the class at the same time as an English-speaking only class. This will ensure that you get to receive the support that you need without feeling self-conscious, nervous, or rushed.


We do have a PowerPoint that we display during the entirety of the class. The PowerPoint is in English, but the translator will be able to ask the English-speaking teacher questions in English and translate the answers back to the student's native language as necessary.

The translator/interpreter must be at least 12-years-old. If the translator is enrolled in middle or high school, then the class and class translations must be scheduled for AFTER school hours.


If the student requires translation services during ONE portion of driver's ed, then the student must also utilize translation services during ALL OTHER portions of driver's ed including the driving, in-the-classroom session(s), and the road skills test.

A teen attending the four days of in-the-classroom driver's ed must have his or her interpreter for all four days. If a student arrives to class without his or her interpreter/translator, he or she will be sent home.


One student may not serve as a translator for another student, but multiple students may SHARE one interpreter/translator.

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