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What Happens After You Get A Ticket In Louisiana

The Consequences Of A Speeding Ticket In Louisiana

Suppose the police stop you in Louisiana for speeding. In that case, you'll be required to present the officer with your license and registration as confirmation of your legal authority to operate a motor vehicle. There is a possibility that the officer may issue you a speeding ticket even if he gives you a verbal lecture.

The fine for speeding in Louisiana is not shown on the ticket. Get in touch with your local parish court to learn how much you owe. The ticket's back has a phone number on it. If you don't pay the fine or appear in court on the date given on the ticket, you may face further costs, including late fees and more severe penalties.

The Fines of Speeding Tickets in Louisiana

Speeding tickets in Louisiana are very costly. A speeding ticket in Louisiana often costs between $100 and $300. Suppose you speed in school and construction zones; the fine will be double the fine. If you are speeding 21 miles per hour (mph) or more above the limit, you may be summoned to appear in court and risk losing your driving privileges.

Possibilities For Resolving A Speeding Ticket

In Louisiana, anybody who receives a speeding ticket can:

  • Pay the fine

  • Take a defensive driving course to clear your name of a traffic ticket

  • Appeal the fine

How To Pay For A Speeding Ticket?

Pay your speeding ticket as soon as possible to avoid a trip to court. You may be able to pay your Louisiana traffic ticket online, via mail, or in person, depending on where you were fined. When you pay your fine, you're pleading guilty.

Should you take a defensive driving course?

Taking a defensive driving course might throw your speeding ticket out if you ask the judge for permission to do so in advance. The course is usually cheap and can be taken in person or online.

What if you're unable to pay your Louisiana speeding ticket?

A mitigation hearing may be requested if you cannot pay the fees associated with speeding tickets in Louisiana. This alternative entails traveling to court, but it will reduce the initial fine if successful. You may be able to avoid paying the fee by doing community service instead. In mitigation hearings, the judge's final decision cannot be revised.

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