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Tips to Driving During July 4th

The sun is shining, the grills are firing up, and the anticipation of firework-lit skies is building. Yes, Independence Day, or the Fourth of July, is OFFICIALLY here!

While we're all eagerly looking forward to the festivities, have we given a thought to the road on the journeys involved? During the Independence Day holiday, the roads can become busy, and sometimes even a tad chaotic.

Highway Hero Driving Academy is here to share some useful tips to help you have a fun and safe drive this Independence Day. Let's get started!

Tip 1: Finding the Perfect Spot for Fireworks - Off the Streets!

We all love the mesmerizing display of fireworks on the Fourth of July. But finding the best spot to view this spectacle can be tricky. Parking your car by the road to watch the fireworks might seem like a good plan. But wait! Doing so can contribute to traffic congestion and pose a significant safety risk.

Sadly, the National Safety Council warns that about 620 people might die on the roads this Fourth of July holiday period. We surely don't want to make these numbers worse, right?

Let's look at the safer and more community-friendly options:

  • Designated Viewing Areas: Cities often set up specific areas for public viewing of the fireworks. These places ensure safety and often offer the best unobstructed views.

  • Public Firework Displays: Attending an organized firework display is a great way to enjoy the spectacle in a controlled and safe environment. Plus, it's an excellent opportunity to participate in the community spirit of the occasion.

Remember, safety first!

Tip 2: Prepping Your Car for Passengers

If you're the designated driver, congratulations! You're the captain of your ship (or rather, your car). As the driver, you have the job of keeping your passengers both safe and comfortable.

Although tidying and cleaning your car might feel like a chore, I promise you it's beneficial. According to a survey, 32% of drivers rarely clean the inside of their car. You don't want to be included in the list of those who seldom clean their cars, do you?

Here are some simple steps to prep your car:

  • Remove Loose Items: Any loose items can become projectiles during sudden stops or turns, posing a safety hazard. So, keep your car's interior clear of such items.

  • Organize Essentials: Keep your essential items, like your driving license, insurance, and first-aid kit, within easy reach.

  • Clean-Up: A clean car is a happy car. Plus, your passengers will appreciate the pleasant environment!

Tip 3: Don't Drink and Drive 

Fourth of July barbecues and beers go hand in hand. However, you must stay away from alcohol if you'll be behind the wheel. 

Keep in mind, even tiny sips of alcohol can mess with your driving skills. According to a study, even a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.02% - well below the legal limit of 0.08% - can affect your driving.

So, what steps can you take to make sure you travel home safely after all the fun?

  • Designate a Sober Driver: Choose a friend who will abstain from drinking and be responsible for driving everyone home safely.

  • Use Rideshare Services: Companies like Uber and Lyft can be lifesavers on occasions like these. Just book a ride and reach home safely without any worries.

  • Public Transportation: Don't underestimate the convenience of public transportation. It's another excellent option to get you home safely.

And there you have it! Driving during the July 4th holiday can be a breeze with a little preparation and some responsible decisions. 

Let's cherish the freedom we're celebrating by ensuring our safety and the safety of others on the road responsibly!

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What are some other things to keep in mind while driving on Independence Day or any holiday?

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