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Men Must Enroll into the American Selective Service Program

The United States has a framework and a system of standards to ensure that the nation has the most expeditious, efficient, and equitable draft possible.

Although the all-volunteer force has been a great success, enrollment in selective service must remain a crucial component of national security policy.

It is The Law

Under the Military Selective Service Act, a man's sole obligation is to register at the age of 18 and notify selective service within ten days of any changes in the information he gave on his registration form until he reaches the age of 26.

Objectivity And Balance

All eligible males are registered with the selective service, ensuring an equal and fair draft should it be necessary. Only in the case of a draft are exemptions and deferments applicable.

For The Good of The Whole Country

By signing up, a man's involvement serves as a safety net in the event of unexpected danger. The Selective Service System is a very cost-effective option in terms of national security.

Safeguard Your Future Eligibility for Government Assistance

In most states, getting a driver's license and being eligible for U.S. citizenship for immigrant males are all made possible by enrolling as a young man.

Registration's Advantages and Consequences

Men who don't sign up for selective service risk missing out on valuable career and educational prospects.

The Selective Service System requires that all male residents of the United States who are of military service age register. In the event of a draft, the Selective Service system collects information on those in the United States who may be required to serve in the armed forces. This method allows the Department of Defense to quickly add soldiers to the military if there aren't enough willing soldiers to join.

At Highway Hero Driving Academy, we explain that those who fail to register with the selective service face fines and other consequences. For example, many federal and state employment and training opportunities are only available to those who sign up. Also, certain state student assistance programs are only available to those who sign up. Citizenship applications may be delayed by up to five years as a result. It is possible to be fined up to $250,000 and sentenced to five years in prison for failing to register, although this hasn't occurred since the 1980s.

In addition, the Selective Service System is a recruiting tool for the military that is out of date. After not drafting anybody since 1973, the selective service system, which costs taxpayers roughly $26 million a year, gathers registration data that was once characterized as "less than worthless" by Bernard Rostker, a former head of the organization.

Sound Off

How do you feel about the selective service program? Let us know in the comments!

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