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How to Renew a Driver's License in Louisiana

It is mandatory to renew your Louisiana driver's license before the expiry date (which is your birthday). You may renew the driver's license up to 180 days before the expiry date in Louisiana. The steps outlined here will assist you with renewing your driver's license in Louisiana. The Highway Hero Driving Academy staff will show you how to do it right!

What do I need to renew my Louisiana driver's license?

To renew your Louisiana driver's license, you'll need to bring your current driver's license, another acceptable identification document, and your Social Security card.

If you own a car, Highway Hero Driving Academy suggests that you also need to show that you have liability insurance.

For REAL ID driver's licenses, renewals need one primary and two secondary identification documents and two documents mentioning your residential address.

Options for Driver's License Renewal

Within 100 days of your driver's license expiring, the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles will send you a letter about how to get a new one.

You'll find out whether you may renew your Louisiana driver's license online, in person, or by mail in the renewal notification. If you haven't received a renewal notification, you'll have to go to your local DMV Field Office to renew your driver's license.

Online Renewal of a Driver's License

By visiting the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles' renewal website, you may renew your driver's license. To complete the transaction, you will need to show your driver's license and have a valid credit card.

Your driver's license will be renewed automatically if you follow the on-screen instructions.

People in Louisiana can get their driver's licenses renewed by mail if they meet the following rules:

  • be under the age of 70.

  • The license is not stolen, lost, or currently suspended.

  • There is no more than a 12-month lapse in the validity of the current license.

  • You've already renewed your driver's license previously.

In-Person Renewal of a Driver's License

You may renew your driver's license at a local DMV location. If you didn't get a renewal notification in the mail, need to retake a test or modify personal information on your driver's license, or completed your prior renewal by mail or online, you'll have to renew in person.

Renewing a Louisiana Driver's License That Has Expired

The state of Louisiana gives you ten days after your driver's license expires to get a new one without paying any fees. After the grace period, you'll be charged $15.00 in late fees. It's impossible to get a new driver's license if your driving privileges are suspended and your license expires.

Fees For Renewing Driver's Licensing in Louisiana

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, the renewal of a Class E personal license costs $32.25 plus a local service fee of up to $6.00. If your driver's license has expired for more than ten calendar days, the Louisiana DMV imposes a $15.00 late fee.

Over 70-year-old drivers pay just $18.75 plus local service costs and are exempt from late fines when renewing their licenses.

Highway Hero Driving Academy staff always encourages its students to renew their driver's licenses on time.

Sound Off

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