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Best Car Color For Your Zodiac Sign

The Vedas are astrology's source, dating back thousands of years. A collection of intelligent men and women assembled it, believing it to be divinely inspired. Although some people consider astrology a kind of superstition and nonsense, many adherents exist in India and worldwide. Astrologers employ moon signs, or Rashis, to foretell the future. They believe they can tell you the best color for your car based on your birth chart. A vehicle, like a home, is a sign of status. It is a symbol of one's upward mobility and professional accomplishments.

This article aims to have fun and explore what astrologists recommend your car color be.


The Tamil name for the Aries moon sign is Mesha. It is ruled by Mars. Blue is the best color for an Aries car.


Rishaba is the name given to the Taurus lunar sign. It's a Venusian affair. Their automobiles should be white.


Mithuna is the name of the Gemini moon sign. It's ruled by Mercury. Colors such as cream and green work well on their cars.


Kataka is the name given to the moon sign of Cancer. The Moon is the planet's supreme authority. They may choose between white and red for the color of their car.


Simha is the name given to the moon sign of Leo. There is no greater ruler of the universe than the Sun. Their cars should be painted in shades of grey and sleet.


Kanni is the name given to the Virgo moon sign. Their car will look excellent in white and blue.


Thulam is the name given to the Libra moon sign. It's a Venusian affair. For their car, black and blue are the ideal shades.


Vrischikam is the name of the Scorpion sign. It is ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto. Their car looks best in white.


It's called Dhanus in Tamil, and Jupiter is the planet that controls it. Their car will look best in red and silver.


Capricorn or Makara is ruled by Saturn, also known as Makara in Tamil. Colors like white, grey, and sleety are ideal for their automobiles.


The sign of Aquarius, Saturn, and Uranus are the two planets that dominate the moon sign of Kumbham in Tamil. Their automobiles look best in shades of blue, white, and gray.


In Tamil, the sign of Pisces is known as Meenam (the fish), and the ruling planets are Jupiter and Neptune. Their automobiles look best in golden, yellow, or white hues.

Sound Off

Astrology is a "believe it or not" thing. Who cares! Just enjoy it! What is most important is whether or not you can drive your car safely. The Highway Hero Driving Academy staff wants to know how you chose your car's color! Let us know in the comments below!

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