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7 Car Companies That Offer Student Discounts on Car Sales

Many college students and recent grads are interested in finding out what vehicle offers and discounts are available to them now that they are about to complete their studies.

The good news is that some dealerships have new car programs for recent college graduates. However, finding the proper one might be a challenge.

Student Auto Discount Programs: The Best Deals Around!

There are a variety of discounts available to students at various institutions. It's critical to read the small print on these packages. Some give more significant cash incentives, and others include certified pre-owned autos (CPOs). Do some internet research before you visit your local dealership. To get you started, Highway Hero Driving Academy has compiled a list of the top automobile dealerships for college students and recent graduates:


Chevrolet offers a discount to college students on new vehicles. A two-year-old diploma or proof that the customer took part in a US college degree program must be provided by the customer to get a discount on their purchase.


Get $500 off a qualifying new model vehicle. College students and recent college graduates who have earned a degree and aren't more than three years out from their graduation date are running for this discount.


If you buy a new Honda, you'll get a $500 discount. As part of the application process, purchasers must present evidence of proof of recent college graduation.


You may get $400 towards the purchase of a new Hyundai car if you buy through Hyundai. People who want to get this discount must show that they graduated in the last two years or the next six months. Highway Hero Driving Academy also suggests you come prepared to show proof of work to prove your income for the loan.


Nissan offers a $500 to $1,000 refund on the purchase of any new Nissan vehicle. You must have graduated from college in the last two years or know when you'll be done to get this deal in the next six months.


For qualified new and certified pre-owned (CPO) Toyota vehicles, Toyota provides a $750 cash refund. A letter of intent to graduate or evidence of having graduated within the last two years is required. A letter of intent from a potential employer is also required.


Purchase an eligible new Volkswagen vehicle and get a $500 cash incentive. Students who graduated within the last two years or plan to do so within the next six months are eligible for the program.

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