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4 Interesting Ideas to Make Your Car Smell Great

Because most people spend so much time in their cars, being stuck in a less-than-pleasing atmosphere may be a real drag. Make your car smell like a million bucks with these easy-to-follow instructions. We even mentioned some chemical-free solutions! Here are five methods to freshen up the scent of your car on your own.

Open a Box of Dryer Sheets

Highway Hero Driving Academy staff recommends keeping an open package of dryer sheets beneath your car's front seat. This is a less expensive option, and the scent can last up to three months longer than Febreze or even an air freshener.

Prepare Coffee in A Sock

The aroma of freshly made coffee in the morning is many people's favorite. Make a coffee air freshener for your car and enjoy the lovely scent all day long. You can do this by filling a sock or two with coffee beans or ground coffee. Put the sock beneath the driver's seat and secure it with a knot. If you don't have an extra pair of socks to do this with, a bag will suffice. Flight attendants use coffee beans in a paper bag to mask unpleasant odors.

Make an air freshener out of ribbon and cotton balls

Suppose you've ever had to drive a teenage boy and his buddies back home from training sessions when preparing for a mini-marathon. You can imagine what the car smells like! The staff at Highway Hero Driving Academy recommends putting essential oils to build a car-vent air freshener with the help of ribbon and cotton balls. They're adorable, and they make the vehicle smell nicer than hanging air fresheners since they go into the vent. In addition to that, they just cost a few dollars to create.

Add essential oils to a clay disc

When it comes to essential oils, the Highway Hero Driving Academy staff recommends putting 10 to 15 drops on a clay disc. Put the clay in your vehicle once it has soaked up the oil to enjoy the perfumed air. It's so simple, and the results last for a long time. Our team recommends visiting craft and culinary specialty shops for a special-purpose clay disc. A flower pot saucer, for example, may be used as an essential oil diffuser for as little as a dollar or two at home improvement shops.

Sound Off

Which ideas that you like the most? Let me know in the comment section below!

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