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[BLOCK 4 of 4] 30-Hour Course

For ages 14 years 9 months to 17 years 11 months

  • Classroom

Service Description

You must attend IN-PERSON [MANDATORY] Parent Orientation before you can be placed in this block. You will pay for this block at Parent Orientation. Here's (Some Of) What You'll Learn in BLOCK 4: 1. How to manage driver distraction 2. How to avoid distracted driving 3. How to properly manage your attention, 4. How to switch attention and divide attention 5. How to exhibit focused attention and sustained attention 6. How to exhibit a safe and responsible response to emergencies 7. What to do in minor and major motor vehicle crashes 8. What to do when you arrive at the scene of a crash

Upcoming Sessions

Cancelation Policy

Orientation/Registration Refund Policy Orientation/registration fees are non-refundable after 48 hours. ______________________ Refund Policy for Classroom Instruction When you sign up for a class, HHDA will no longer advertise your spot to the public. It is assumed that you have already researched all of the schools in the area and have decided to take the classroom instruction portion of driver’s ed with HHDA. Should you change your mind about attending the classroom instruction after you complete your orientation/registration, refunds will be administered at the following schedule: 1 day after orientation/registration - 75% refund 2 days after orientation/registration - 60% refund 3 days after orientation/registration - 45% refund 4 days after orientation/registration - 30% refund 5 days after orientation/registration - 15% refund 6 days after orientation/registration - 10% refund 7+ days after orientation/registration - 0% refund ______________________ Reschedule Policy If a student would like to reschedule a classroom course for a later date after being placed in a class, the student will be charged a $125 reschedule fee per block/class. If a teen student needs to reschedule a particular block, he or she may take that SAME block in the future on one of our make-up dates. If a student has to leave before the completion of class that day, the student must reschedule and make-up that whole day. ______________________ Driving Reschedule Fee Students that are more than 5 minutes late need to reschedule their driving session for a different day; they will be charged a $25 fee.

Contact Details

  • 8870 Youree Drive, Shreveport, LA, USA


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