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How to Get a Class D Chauffeur License in Louisiana

A basic driver's license, a commercial driver's license, and a chauffeur's license are all common types of driver's licenses in the United States. A chauffeur's license is the next step up from a class E license in Louisiana. By obtaining one, you will have an increased level of responsibility. Highway Hero Driving Academy has compiled helpful information about Louisiana's Class D Chauffeur License.

Are chauffeurs required to have a license?

In Louisiana, a chauffeur's license allows the bearer to operate any class E or personal vehicle within the scope of the driver's license. Chauffeur's license holders can also drive any vehicle or mix of vehicles intended to carry people or property with a net weight rating of 10,001 to 26,001 lb. A chauffeur's license is required for anybody who drives a vehicle that transports people for a charge or for hire. A chauffeur's license does not permit a person to carry hazardous items, despite the weight or purpose of the vehicle, with this sort of license.


A candidate must have a class E driver's license before applying for a Louisiana chauffeur's license. The applicant must have completed a pre-licensing course of six hours and eight hours of driving.

Proof of identification and a valid social security card is required for an application. For a class E license, applicants must also pass a written exam and tests of eyesight and driving ability. A chauffeur's license comes with additional requirements.

The Tests

A Louisiana chauffeur's license requires an extra written and visual examination. Anyone interested in taking the exam may get study materials from the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles. Alternatively, pick one up at any parish office or browse the handbook online. Additional fees are required for these exams as well.

How to Convert Class E License to Chauffeur's License?

It is necessary to bring your existing class E license and proof of insurance to the Office of Motor Vehicles to convert your license to a chauffeur license. You will take a test on the computer at the OMV. Paying costs to extend your class E license is credited to your chauffeur's license, so long as you haven't expired. As of this writing, there is an extra $39.50 charge for a chauffeur's license.

What does a chauffeur's license include?

Anyone with a chauffeur's license can drive any vehicle or combination of vehicles meant to carry people and items weighing 10,001 and 26,001 lb.

Chauffeur vs. driver's license: What is the difference?

People who drive taxis, FedEx trucks, and cable TV trucks must have a chauffeur license because they are driving a vehicle for their job.

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